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Randy Prediger

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Teacher - Industrial Arts

Phone: 403-887-2412 ext. 4410

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Hi. I'm Randy Prediger and I teach Industrial Education to grades 9 - 12. My background is very diverse and well rounded allowing me to bring a wealth of life experiences to the classroom. I've been teaching since 2006 and thoroughly enjoy the best job of my life.  Prior to that I have spent 25 plus years working in the construction industry where I've built houses, apartments, hospitals, sky scrapers, bridges, highways, dams and gas plants which allowed me to became a Blue Seal Tradesman.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I returned to school where I completed a degree in Physical Education and majored in Sport Medicine, and Sport Administration. I then completed my Education degree and majored in Physical Education, and Business Education. I currently offer my students many opportunities to gain "hands on" experiences in Furniture Making, Construction, Fabrication (welding & sheet metal), and Mechanics.

My hobbies include cars, fishing, building everything, and sports. I'm a firm believer in the providing every advantage for youth exploring the trades and want to offer as many opportunities as possible for my students to succeed. "Construction Builds Opportunity".

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