Philosophy & Mission

Mission Statement:

The Laker Support Centre is a safe and caring place where students can earn a high school diploma to provide for a successful future.


To ensure that the students of the Laker Support Centre receive the best possible education consistent with Board of Education and Alberta Learning policies.  Also, to ensure that our students can have a safe place in which to explore any and all learning opportunities.


  • Maximize learning in a highly flexible learning environment
  • Create a learning community sensitive to the needs of the individual
  • Offer a full complement of courses to achieve a high school diploma
  • Act as an advocate for "its" students
  • Coordinate with essential community services to aid the student in maximizing his/her learning potential
  • Act as liaison with the district high schools to provide school services to students not able or willing to access regular programs
  • Provide additional educational opportunities for students who, while capable of success in a regular education program, do not currently feel that they are being successful in pursuing their educational goals in a traditional school setting
  • Provide more flexible approaches in terms of attendance and timelines
  • Emphasize the importance of career training prior to the twelfth year of school