French Immersion

Sylvan Lake is proud to offer French Immersion programming from Kindergarten through Grade 12 in École Steffie Woima, École Fox Run and École H.J. Cody School.

At École HJ Cody students have many great opportunities to continue their French language education. We offer French Language Arts courses from grade 9 through to grade 12, Études Sociales 9, as well as a more practical French course which focuses on using the language to communicate in a variety of situations. Students can attain a French Immersion Certificate upon completion of the French Immersion program at École H.J. Cody school. In order to achieve a French Immersion Certificate, the following courses are available for students to complete:

  • French Language Arts 9, 10-2, 20-2, 30-2
  • Études Sociales (Social Studies) 9
  • French Vernacular 15, 25, 35

Throughout their French Language journey from grades 9 to 12, students work to refine their language skills as they aim to write the DELF B2 French exam at the end of the grade 12 year. This exam takes into account all language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and is recognized globally as a language standard. The successful completion of the DELF B2 is a significant achievement as it is recognized as fulfilling French language entrance requirements by French Universities. The DELF B2 is designed to offer a high-level qualification in the language for those who wish to use French for professional or study purposes.

French Immersion students at École HJ Cody also have the opportunity to travel to Quebec through the Experiences Canada Program. They get to spend a week in Quebec sightseeing and living with a host family whose first language is French. It’s an amazing chance to experience French culture and make some new friends! For more information on French Immersion programming at École H.J. Cody School, please contact us at 403-887-2412.