Laker Support Centre


In March of 1995, the Sylvan Lake Career High School was opened to serve the needs of students who, for various reasons, felt that they could not meet with success in a traditional high school.  These may include alternative students, home schoolers, as well as regular high school students seeking an alternative education.  We are also a good fit for students who need to work at a job and who need more flexibility in their education schedule.

In September, 2021 the Sylvan Lake Career High School moved to HJ Cody School and was renamed Lakers Support Centre.

We offer most high school courses, Work Experience, and RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program).

We offer High School Courses for High School Students and those under 20 years of age as of Sept 1 of the current academic school year.

  • Full-time or Part-time personalized learning plans
  • Work at home or at school
  • Teachers available for help - no appointment necessary