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Alana Routhier

Photo of Alana Routhier

Teacher - Foods

Phone: 403-887-2412

Key Roles

Ms. Stelten-Routhier is now in her 27th year as a teacher. She lives in Sylvan Lake. She has 3 children: Jessica, Megan and Austin who all attended HJ Cody.

She has been quite active with Interact (high school division of Rotary) and is excited about the enthusiasm that students of HJ Cody demonstrate for bettering their community and their world. She graduated from the U of A with a B. Ed and a B. Sc, then later took her Masters of Educational Leadership at U of C. She previously worked as a Career Counselor and loves to talk to students about planning for the future. Ms. Routhier teaches Home Ec, but has taught Math, Science and CALM all of which she loves as well.

As a foods teacher, it is fun to see how proud students are when they produce a wonderful product. It is my hope that they will share their learning at home, so please feel free to ask them to cook dinner or dessert!

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