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Book your Grad Photo now!

What an exciting time of year! The Prestige Photo website is now open to book your child's graduation photo. The booking link is  

Please note, There is no 8-digit code, students/parents can search by Province and City.  

The HJ Cody Session page , please enter the AKA name you have on file with our office. Select an appointment time. We highly recommend entering a phone number for a reminder from Lifetouch.

Grad Photography Dates: February 26th - March 5th ,  2024 

Session Fee: $40.     (no charge if not purchasing and only having a head shot done)

Please book an appointment regardless if you want to purchase photos. We want to schedule the photo so we have your child's graduation head shot for our Class of 2024 Composite photo.

Prestige Portraits is the nation's leading photographer of high school grad portraits, committed to providing you with beautiful grad portraits. 

They photograph a variety of full body/cropped images. Please see the attached grad flyer for details. H.J Cody Grad Flyer.pdf 

The sessions will be 30 minutes, and we will do formal cap/gown photos as well as casual photos.  (ex. Jeans/Tshirt,  Sports uniform, etc) 

We highly suggest males bring a dress shirt and tie for formal photos and females wear v-neck or scoop neck top for formal photos. Unfortunately, we will not have shirts and ties for graduates to use.  

The use of props provided by Lifetouch (roses, diploma scroll) is voluntary, we have implemented safety protocols for sanitizing props or will provide one time use props for each sitting.   

Graduates may also bring appropriate props to be included in their sitting. (ex. football, musical instrument, etc) 

Please book your Grad Photo session early to reserve a spot. Have your graduate see Ms. Schaab or Mr. Payne if they have any questions about their grad portrait sitting.

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